How to send a keystroke to remain active in chat within Firefox browser window?

I am using a chat add-on from a Xenforo message board. it opens in a separate firefox window and looks like a little irc channel. I need to type something every 15 minutes to stay active. the window sits on my desktop and is not always focus. I just want to send '.' every 15 minutes or so. Thanks for any help!

Neither KM nor scripts directly support FF, so this could be a challenge.
If the FF chat window has a consistent, unique Title, then you might be able to address it.

So here is an untested idea you could try:

  1. Set a Macro trigger of periodic every 15 min.
  2. Activate FF
  3. Bring Window to Front with Title "whatever it is"
  4. Insert text by Typing

awesome! thanks. works perfectly.

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