How to Send Keystroke After System Wake?

I’ve searched and can’t find anything that will let me accomplish this:

I’d like to send a keystroke to a particular app when the system wakes up. Unfortunately, unless I login really quickly, the keystroke goes to the login screen, even if the macro says to activate the application and wait for it to be in front. Is there any way to accomplish this? It seems like a simple requirement, but I’m stumped...

I've seen this also.

Instead of the wake trigger try using the login trigger.

Thanks for the suggestion. But it seems that trigger only takes when you first login, not when you enter your password when waking from sleep.

@peternlewis, I observe this behavior also.
When waking from sleep, the KM Macros are triggered BEFORE the user logs in.
How can we prevent this?

I don't believe Keyboard Maestro can tell whether the Mac is screen locked or not, so after wake there is no way for it to tell whether you need to log in or when you have logged in.

I was afraid that might be the case. I’ll have to find some other way to accomplish what I need. Thanks.

The only idea I have to to put a KM Alert action as the first action in your macro. This will pause the Macro until you login, and then you just press RETURN to continue.

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Could do. I have now seen someone suggesting a “pause until”, waiting to find the Apple logo image in the menu bar. Might have a play with that idea...