How to Share a Macro With Multiple Subroutine Macros?

Is there a simple way to collect all the subroutines contained in a macro so it can be shared and fully functional?

You can easily reuse KM Actions by putting them in a separate macro, and calling that “sub-macro” using the Execute a Macro action.

Is that what you are looking for?

Thanks, JMichaelTX.

What I’m asking is, when I share a macro with someone and it has several “sub-macros” I don’t see an automatic way to make sure those sub-macros are sent along with the primary macro. I realize I can manually select each sub-macro by clicking them in the “Macro” list and exporting all the selected macros, but that can be tedious if there are LOTS of sub-macros or if they are in different “Groups”. I just thought there might be a feature that would automatically collect the sub-macros for export.

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Hey Ray,

Sorry to say – there ain't no such animal.

Is it possible to do it? Yes.

Here's a basic proof-of-concept that ONLY displays a list of sub-macros found in the currently selected macro.

List Sub-Macros Used in the Currently Selected Macro v1.00.kmmacros (8.7 KB)

Unfortunately exporting the sub-macros is pretty crippled (but doable).

However – If we can talk Peter into adding a macro's XML as an AppleScript Property of the macro – something like this could be fast and pretty sophisticated.