How to show macro group palette for one action as a intermediate step?

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Is there a better way to achieve the following? I have a macro which basically does this:

  • write in shorthand a page in your wiki you would like to link to, e.g. n12
  • expand that shortcode by adding the path and a prefix and a subfolder and the appropriate formating so it is usable as a link, this’d look like that: [[/zkn2/notes/note-12]]
  • if for some reason you write p instead either pr (for project) or pe (for person) at the beginning of the shortcode, than prompt the user to press either 1 or 2 in a palette to make sure, which of those they wanted to create a link to, otherwise just paste the expanded shortcode at the cursor position

If you want to ask a question, don’t use a Palette, use an Alert action or a Prompt for User Input action.

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I see. I found that the palettes offers a quicker mechanism of user input, but I went back to the prompt for user input action with a dropdown menu, since there’s no way to otherwise emulate the palette feel - right?

There are probably ways. You could do something like:

Set Variable “Waiting For Answer” to "Waiting"
Show Palette for Macro Group "Get Answer"
Pause Until variable “Waiting For Answer” is not “Waiting”

And then Macro Group “Get Answer” has macros like:
Macro "Answer 1"
Trigger "1"
Set Variable “Waiting For Answer” to "1"
Deactivate Macro Group “Get Answer”

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