How to Shrink the Size of a Comment Text Field

I use a Comment item as a To Do list for a macro that I'm working on. The text field display expands nicely as I add more text to the Comment.

However, when I delete text from a Comment, the displayed size stays at its enlarged size. I can end up with a comment that has 2 line of text in a blank space that used to accommodate over 20 lines. It's an annoying waste of screen real estate.

The only way I've discovered to fix this is the copy the current, shorter version of the text into a new comment and delete the old. That's a multistep process if the field has a title, etc.

Any suggestions?

Hey August,

All you have to do is refresh the display, and the comment will shrink.

G then M

Selects the group ⇢ Selects the macro.


I usually randomly select another macro closest to my cursor, and then return to the current macro, not an elegant solution but works for me.

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There are a number of keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard Maestro Editor that make quick work of this:

And of course you can make a macro to do it all for you...  :sunglasses:


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Thanks Martin, thanks Chris.

Who knew it could be so simple? I think I've been always "fixing" it my way, the long, unnecessary way, before I ever switched to another macro, because it annoyed me so much -- so I just didn't notice that it could be automatically taken care of.

Thanks again.