How to specify a font + background color according to specific R G and B values?


With the ¨apply a style to the clipboard¨ action, I can specify the font and background colors.

I found an article (regional screenshot below) about optimal text display to minimize eye strain: black arial on a tan background.

I tried to eyeball the ran color on the web page and reproduce it in the macro with the apple color palettes, but nearly had a nervous breakdown in the process.

To reproduce the exact background, I used the digital color meter app as per below and determined the exact R (247) G (233) and B (216) values.

My question is how / where do I input these values in the KBM action to reproduce exactly that tan color.

thanks very much !




Hi @ronald,

In the Apple color palettes you mention, there are RGB sliders you can access to input any RGB value you want:


Result in KM:


Incidentally, did you know you can use this eyedropper tool to grab the color of any pixel visible on your screen?



Hello GG,

As usual, coming from you, a very intelligent and informative answer.

Thank you very much.

I owe you an apology: the macro I displayed had been written by you and I did not give you due credit.

Do I understand correctly: if I am in a web page and want to know the color of the background or a font, I can only call up the color digital meter, ie the apple color palette is only active in any app but in edit mode ?
Just in case you are remotely interested, I found this useful and have implemented arial on tan. It explain why new times romans which I used to use, causes eyestrain.

I did more research and will try to create my own color palette macro with KBM

No need for an apology. I'm glad that macro is still proving useful for you.

The Apple color palette does go away if you switch to an app other than the one in which you're using it, but fortunately, as long as the app that contains the color you want is visible somewhere on your screen, you don't need to switch to it to use the eyedropper tool.

Thanks for the link on increasing eye comfort. I tried changing the background in BBEdit to a tan color, and it did indeed seem to feel better for my eyes. Unfortunately, in my line of work I'm required to use apps that don't support changing color schemes, so I'm afraid it may not be of much use to me in practice. Still, it's a good reference to have, and I can certainly make use of it when opportunity permits.

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In addition to the background, there are other interesting points in the article.

  • an elegant discussion of fonts and why New Times (which I used to use) causes eyestrain. I switched to arial and am happier.
  • choosing the right highlight color. Teal on tan is nice.

if you use launchbar could can just type color, then the name of a color to get the corresponding RGB value.
For example for teal

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I do use LaunchBar, and didn't know that. Thanks, that's a good tip.

That's not working for me. When I type "color", I just get a "colors" folder and a bunch of image files that start with color.


What do I need to change to make this work?

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It looks like its official name is "Enter Color"


I believe it's enabled by default, as I certainly didn't do anything to have it appear short of typing "Color".

when I type 'color' in Launchbar, my first option is the Enter Color Built-in Action as per below.
In other words Enter Color is a Launchbar built-in action that appears to be activated in my computer and not in yours.
I did some research and was unsuccessfult in finding where you can activate the Enter Color Built-in action.
If you click the gear to the right of the launchbar search box → action editor.
That's how far I managed to get. I could not find color when I search in actions and could not find Launchbar help on activating built-in actions.
Sorry that I am not more helpful.
If you do find the solution, please let us know.



That was the ticket for me. When I enter "enter" into LB I get:

Once I have the LB item selected, I can, of course, set the abbreviation to "color" if that's what I want.