How to store System Clipboard for the later use?

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I'd like to copy an element in Figma, then store it in a variable and use later.

The thing is, when I copy something in Figma, it is showing something like this:

What kind of content is that? Is there any way to store it for example in an encoded form? I know that I can use a named clipboards but it isn't a good solution because I'd like to share copied components with others.

Any tips, thoughts and directions will be useful for me.

You can store the clipboard into a Named Clipboard using the Copy to Named Clipboard or Copy Clipboard to Clipboard action.

Figma is copying data to the clipboard that contains no text or image representation, so Keyboard Maestro does not know how to display it.

The clipboard data may also only contain temporary references to internal data, so storing the clipboard and restoring it later may not work - that is dependent on the internals of Figma .

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