How to Switch Focus to a Newly Created Chrome Window/Tab?

I'm not sure whether this is the right forum to ask the question, but KBM is my intended use, so ...

I use the Tabs Outliner extension to Chrome which gives me a window with a long list of both current Chrome tabs and tabs that I have saved in Tabs Outliner. When I double click on the entry for a saved tab, it gets opened Chrome in much the same way as opening a Mac .webloc file -- if there is an open Chrome window in my current double-monitor desktop, then a new tab is opened in it and if there is no Chrome window visible, a new widow is created for the new tab. The URL of the new tab is whatever was saved.

Are there any Chrome experts who can help me figure out if it's even possible to know where the new tab will be opened up, or how to switch the focus to it?


What I can't figure out how to do is to change the focus from the TO window to the newly opened tab. I can't control exactly where on the desktop it will appear or even which window it will be in.

I want to be able to save my location in the Tabs Outliner window (I can do that), open the saved tab, switch to that tab, get some info from the page, and return to the TO entry at the save location where I open the Saved Tab Name for editing and paste in the info captured from the page in the other window.

I'm new to KBM, so please help me find whatever tools you might suggest.


A slightly different approach might be to open a new Chrome window. If I simply Copy (Cmd+C) the Tabs Outliner entry, the clipboard has the tab title and the URL. So if a force a new Chrome window to open with that URL, that would have the focus, right?

How would I do that in KBM?

Hey August,

I didn't want to install the * the Tabs Outliner extension* to test your previous query, but the second one is simple.

You can change the action from a New Google Chrome Window action to a New Google Chrome Tab action if you like.

Note that COPY (Cmd-C) is included in the macro.


Open a URL on the Clipboard in Google Chrome v1.00.kmmacros (4.6 KB)

Well, as usual it's better to test with the real article.

The Tabs Outliner extension copies both the title and the URL to the clipboard, so a little processing is required.

I see what you mean about not being able to tell where a newly opened URL might end up.

This macro is very basic. It only opens the selected link in Tabs Outliner in a new Google Chrome window.

It could discover if that link was already open and then proceed accordingly, but that requires some skill with AppleScript. (There are examples on the Forum.)

Many things are possible with Keyboard Maestro – it makes the impossible possible on a Mac.


Open a URL on the Clipboard in Google Chrome v1.01.kmmacros (5.0 KB)

Wow! Thanks Chris. That's one heck of a starting point in getting this working!

I've got a different project consuming my time so I hope to be able to try this out next week. Unfortunately, I know that if I try it tonight, I'll be up until 2am and I have to be out the door tomorrow at 7:30 (not my favorite idea...).

Thanks again. I look forward to trying it.