How to temporarily block out macro trigger activation?

I have a macro that looks like this:

It activates on Tweetbot app activating, checks if a file exists and if it does, it instantly switches to my previous app (effectively blocking the app from opening).

The issue I have however is that this app, Tweetbot has an action to 'Create New Tweet'. And when you create a tweet, you also activate Tweetbot. I want to make a macro to run 'Create New Tweet' no matter if the file exists or not.

So the way I thought of achieving this, is creating a macro to call a 'Create New Tweet' Tweetbot hotkey that will somehow get around the other Tweetbot triggered macro. Although I am not sure how I can achieve that in a clean way. Ideally I wish I could create a macro like this:

But before that keystroke action, it would temporarily ignore the Tweetbot focus check macro I sent above. Is this possible to do with KM?

Two options:

  • Check if the .focussed file is there, if it is, delete it.
  • Run the “Create New Tweet” Macro
  • If the .focussed file was there, re-create it

OR (probably better in this case)

  • Disable the “Tweetbot focus check” macro
  • Run the “Create New Tweet” Macro
  • Enable to “Tweetbot focus check”