How to toggle menu items located under different menu headings


Thanks to @JMichaelTX , I learned how to toggle menu items in Scrivener when those menus items change depending on the state of the editor. It is done using the select menu item action along with caret and pipe signs.

But that only works when all menu items which I want to toggle fall under the same Menu heading.

My question is how to create a macro which toggles between 2 items which are listed under different menu headings (View and Navigate), namely:

In Scrivener, I want to toggle between Reveal Binder and Hide Binder, something I do 100 times a day.

View → Hide Binder
Navigate → Reveal in Binder

thanks very much for your time and help


Take a look at the KM article Select or Show a Menu Item action

You have the answer in your question. :wink:


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Sorry for the delay
You are obviously right.
For the benefit of forum members (if I understand correctly), this feature of KBM described in the Wiki page above explains why your macro allows you to toggle between 2 menu items under different menu headers.
thanks in advance for your time and help