How to Toggle Minimize / Unminimize Window


I am trying to find a way to how to toggle minimize / unminimize a Scrivener window (my Scrivener scratchpad to make notes, and which is great). Note that the contrary of minimize is unminimize, not maximize

Both actions below work fine individually, but I can't find a way to toggle. I looked at the if then else and the case actions but neither of them seem to allow me to do this (although I am most likely wrong and simply don't see it)

Thanks very much

There is a Toggle Minimize option in the Manipulate a Window action.


The master himself!

Works perfectly (obviously).

Thanks very much.

Health and happiness for you and your family in 2023.

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@ronald glad to see you are a Scrivener user too. :slightly_smiling_face:

May I be allowed to give you some advice? Have you ever considered using a Scrivener project window for notes? Everything the Scratchpad can do, a normal Scrivener project window can do too. Just it can do much more and much better. If you want, have a look here.


Hello Frank, thanks very much for your post.

I think that we have similar interests. I also use the Scratchpad for note taking pertaining to research projects and was like you unsatisfied with the ordinary Scratchpad.

I agree with you 100%. In fact, I do not use the Scratchpad itself whose utility is too limited: RTF files, no access to the elaborate Scrivener menu, etc.

I use the so called Scratchpad 2 which amberv, the excellent moderator of the Scrivener forum kindly wrote for me in response one of my posts and uploaded in the Scrivener forum (accessible to all).

It is exactly as you say: a "normal" floating Scrivener window, using KM to set up the automatic floating. The difference with a usual Scrivener project is the layout: binder on the left, list of docs on the top and editor window on the bottom (same layout as Scratchpad 1 which is convenient to save space (I hide the binder).

I found 2 interesting points in your post (before you became exasperated at the end having to explain everything):

  • If you drag and drop text into the binder , a document is created. Thank you for the idea.

  • Could you detail your macro to display floating on / off as per image below?

Lastly, a funny thing that I noticed with KM and Scrivener.

Of the million apps that I use, it is the only app for which the show menu item action is not reliable to trigger a menu item with a keyboard shortcut. Often it works, but in 30% of cases it does not. It is the only app for which I regularly have to rely on the a keyboard shortcut generated in Mac OS → sys pref → keyboard shortcuts to trigger the menu item reliably.

This is a mystery which I previously discussed in detail with a KM expert (the late @JMichaelTX)

Thanks again and kind regards.



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Hi Ronald :grinning:

Sorry I am in a bit of a hurry. But I'm happy to write you the most important. I hope I understood everything correctly, unfortunately English is not one of the languages that I know well.

I assume you mean this macro. And yes, it was really difficult to build it, because Scrivener works unreliably here. It kind of needs a workaround for the menu selection... :man_shrugging:

Interesting, could you post me a link. That would be nice. :pray:

Sorry, I have to leave, if something is unclear, just let me know, I'll answer you later. Thanks and maybe see you later :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, do you say "see you later" in English even if we don't see each other at all? :joy:

I can't remember where in the forum. I will look and get back to you.