How to Trigger a Macro From Apple Watch?

Is anyone triggering a macro from an Apple Watch?

I previously had a Fitbit which made it simple to create a tiny JavaScript app to get a Public Web Trigger.

I'm new to the Apple Watch. Is Shortcuts the way to go?

I don't have the watch but I imagine the procedure is the same as with an iPhone. You can use Siri to trigger shortcuts which, in turn, trigger macros via the Open URL action. Works great!


Shortcuts is certainly the simplest solution, the Apple Watch has a built-in Shortcuts app that exposes any of your phone's shortcuts that have the "Show on Apple Watch" setting turned on.

I personally use the Remote Trigger, calling with it Get contents of URL and then handling the result.

Handily, the response from Keyboard Maestro returns the number of macros triggered, which allows for some simple debugging in your shortcut.


I'm able to do this by using the action "Run script over SSH", and then triggering the macro via osascript.

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