How to trigger the "Get Info..." menu everytime at the launching of a Pro Tools session?

Hi everyone,

I'm a sound engineer in post production in Paris and just started to get familiar with the KM world for my daily use of Pro Tools.
Since I'm working on a lot of a different projects on a daily basis, it's common that a project starts with me then goes to another coworker.
I'm currently searching for a way to activate a sort of "pop up" note at the openning (And maybe at the closing) of a pro tools session.
This would help me and my coworkers having a way of communicating between sessions.
So my first lead was to trigger the "Get info..." menu at the openning if every session. The thing is that I can't find a way to make KM know that a ProTools session is currently openning, in order to trigger the macro that i want.
If by any chance someone have the start of a solution to this problem it would incredebly hepfull!!!
Thanks by advance!

Hi, welcome to the forum.

I don't currently use Pro Tools but my first thought is that you could probably use the focused window trigger, set to "title changed".

Had you thought about using a notepad plugin? Here is one example.

Hi @kevinb thank you so much for your answer!
Interesting i will try to go in that direction :wink:

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