How to turn off 'Notify on Timeout' for a macro (all actions within that macro)?

Is it possible to turn off the 'Notify on Timeout' notification for all actions in a particular macro? Instead of having to go into each action and disable it?

I do not know of any way to automate this process, but assuming all the actions have a Notify on timeout option, you can simply select the relevant actions, right click, and uncheck Notify on timeout.

If you select any actions that don't have that option along with those that do, then when you right click you won't see Notify on timeout to uncheck it.

thanx @cdthomer but I'm trying to not go into all the actions one at a time, some macros have a lot of actions.....

@troy Haven't tried it, but maybe you can group the actions and then set it for the group.


thanx @Neo , I just tried, created an action, grouped it, turned off the notify for the group, but the action still had notify enabled.

Hey @troy, the procedure given by @cdthomer doesn't involve going into each action individually...

If you select all the actions in a macro that have the Notify on Timeout setting in the gear menu by -clicking each one and then right-click on one, you can set turn off the setting for all of those selected.

Unfortunately, if you just select all the actions in a macro and some of those actions do not have that setting, you won't be presented with the option to change it.

Here's an example:
KM 0 2022-01-06_15-15-32

nice @tiffle , good shot, getting there, the drawback is that if the macro grows with more actions I have to remember to turn off the newly added actions to not notify.
I was hoping there was something to put at the start and end of the macro that would suppress the notification (for timeout and/or failure) for any action between that 'start suppressing' and 'stop suppressing' 'actions'. - just a thought.
Appreciate your response.

The only other suggestion I can give is the use of KM10's favourite actions feature, as described by @Zabobon here:

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@troy maybe something for the wishlist @peternlewis ?

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This is unlikely to happen.