How to Update an Uploaded `*.kmmacros` File

I uploaded v0.2 of a macro to the Macro Library section. I would like to update that to v0.5, replacing the previously uploaded file.

If I edit the original post to remove the reference to the first uploaded file, will it get deleted when I save the edit?

Is that older version simply there forever, as a historical archive, or is it possible for me to delete it and replace it with my newer version?

When you edit the post, you can delete the old macro from the post, and add the new one. And that's what people will see. You can change anything you want, including images. So you don't have to worry about people downloading an older version.

The forum actually keeps track of all edits, including files and images, although nobody but you and the admins can see the previous edits. So you can revert to the previous edit if you need to. I needed to do this once when I realized I made a mistake in my new macro. Fortunately I realized it right after I made the edit, so I just rolled it back to the previous edit until I could fix it.

Does this answer your questions?

Thanks Dan.

I was forgetting that only the author (me) and the admins will have access to the older version and even that may eventually be archived or deleted.

You're right, it's pretty straighforward.

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