How to use dragged file trigger to open file in an app

I often want to open a file in an app which is not the default.
For example, my default PDF reader is PDF Expert, but I sometimes want to open the PDF in another reader for example Preview or Skim etc
I want to create a palette of "Open in" macros to allow me to drag the file onto the corresponding macro on the palette instead of having to right click on file → open in → look around for the app I want.
Which actions should I use in that macro ?
Below is my unsuccessful attempt at opening the dragged file in the PDF Reader app called Highlights
thanks in advance for your time and help


Open PDF in Highlights.kmmacros (25.1 KB)

Your Macro is fine but you have an extra space after %TriggerValue% which is what is stopping it working. i.e. you have it written as "%TriggerValue% " instead of "%TriggerValue%"

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I am an idiot !! thank you so much !

Not at all. It is very easy to make typing mistakes. I only spotted it because I selected all the text in that field.

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It would be nice to be able to see somewhere practical implementations of the dragged file trigger. I am sure that there are many uses that I could not even imagine.

For example, would it be strictly limited to file manager (Finder, Pathfinder, Forklift, etc) palettes or are there other uses ?