How to Use Forum "Actions" Shortcuts?

###How to Use Forum "Actions" Shortcuts?

I just discovered the Forum Keyboard Shortcuts, shown by going to the forum menu dropdown > Keyboard Shortcuts. For ease of reference, I've shown a screenshot of this below.

Of particular interest to me is how to use the "Actions" shortcuts.
For example the s Share post.

It doesn't seem to work for me running Chrome Version 47.0.2526.106 (64-bit).
I press s and nothing happens.

Even if it did, how do you indicate which post?

I tried selecting some text in the post, and then pressing s, but it didn't help.

I thought this might help a use case I have: A KM Macro to capture selected text in a post, and get the URL for that post.

I searched the forum and the wiki, and didn't find any help on this topic.
Is there a documentation page for Forum Keyboard Shortcuts somewhere?

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Hey JM,

Capital ‘S’ S.

On my system using this topic Chrome DOES NOT scroll to the share box even though it does open.

The same thing happens with Safari on this thread.


That shares the Topic. Lower case "s" is supposed to share the post.

Ah, I see.

It looks like all post-level-granularity is broken.


I have found the solution, provided by a poster in the Discourse forum:

Before you can use some of the Post Action shortcuts, you must first select the post using the J or K keys.

The selected post is identified by a red bar on the left side of the post, like this: