How to Use Function Keys (aka Hardware Keys) as Triggers

I saw some people asking questions about this so I hope this will be useful.

Function keys are mostly used to change some hardware settings: adjusting luminosity/sound etc…This is the « normal » behavior.

Goal : Use the function keys to launch macros but only in RandomApplication. Keep their normal behavior everywhere else.

Problem: Keyboard Maestro has no possibility to capture the hardware keypresses.

Solution: disable hardware keys in system setting and recreate their function in Keyboard Maestro.

  • Check « Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys » in system preferences under the Keyboard tab.
  • Get the following macro group into KM and activate it.
  • Set the group setting to be « available except in these application: RandomApplication »
  • Create all the F1,F2 etc…triggers you want in another group available in RandomApp.
    Download: Hardware function keys Macros.kmmacros (32 KB)
    hardware macro group

Edit...Uploaded correct version of group.

My Keyboard Maestro editor (v. 9.2) has no Hardware Function Keys macro group in the macro library. I used the search function of the Macro Library and searched for "function". It came up empty.


Hey JoJo,

Read through @Joseki post again – he's providing the macros...


Thank you so much!

My first time in the KM site. I’ll learn the syntax someday… :grin:


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