How to use function

Hi, I'm a fresh user with KM, here is the screenshot:
about actions and token part, I know how it works and how to use it, but the "function" part, I do not quite understand how to use it, where to put the "function" expressions to make it work?
for example : SCREENCOUNT()
where should I type this function to get the result?


Functions can be used in any of KM's calculation text fields, marked by a small C in their right side. Probably the most common place they're used is in the Set Variable to Calculation action:

As of KM9, you can also see what any function returns in the Value Inspector window, found in the KM Editor's Window menu:

Thank you.
I use set variable to text before with functions, its not work.
now I know it is related with "calculation". I understand now.

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