How to use Middle Mouse button as hand tool in Photoshop

Hi everyone, I'd like to use my middle mouse button as 'hand tool' in Photoshop and Illustrator. It seems left mouse button and spacebar button should be down at the same time to work properly. I don't know how to combine the two keys.

Use the "This device key trigger"
and add a IF/then with mouse button pressed trigger

Thanks, Gregwarrior. The first part is Ok, but I have a problem with "If Then Else". It doesn't hold the left mouse key.

Ignore what I just said, I just went and tested it myself , I ended up with this

Does exactly what you wanted.

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Thanks, I have KM7. I have a question; Does this micro work immediately after you press the button or works after 1 to 3 seconds delay?

just tested what you showed me, indeed with what you have the hand tool requires 3 seconds for it to cancel and you get back the initial tool you are using.
With my set up, it reverts back to your initial tool immediately after you release middle mouse button.

Keyboard Maestro is absolutely worth and you should buy the newest version.

Thanks Gregwarrior for your time and help. I'm going to buy KM8 the next month.