How to use multiple "control" key presses to trigger actions?

Is there a way to set the control or another meta key to trigger an action based on multiple presses?

It’s easy to define other keys, but not seeing a way to use such a key in this fashion.

I'm not well versed on how to send you the link from the forum.
But search for multi-press,
I use this macro a lot, it's great! (THANX DAN!)

That’s a really nice thread there, but I’m not seeing how that is able to define the control key itself…

Under triggers select "This device key", then tap the control key.

Apologies if I'm not understanding your question. I'll leave it to one of the more experience forum guys if so. cheers

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LOL! Not sure how I missed that one, but that’s perfect!

Hi, troy, please forgive my ignorance, I tried tapping control key, it didn’t work as you showed.

the field below the words “This Device Key:” must be highlighted. Then Tap the control key, try the left and if that doesn’t work, try the right control. Short of that, I don’t know how to help further.

Hi Troy, thanks for your reply. I suppose you are using keyboard other than
the internal one for mbp? Maybe that is why it doesn’t work for me here.