How to use Special characters

I am trying to create a macro that will select a menu item in Lightroom. This is easy enough to do in any other menu item where all the menu items themselves are text, as most are, but Lightroom has a rating menu that shows the number of stars you want for the filter. So instead of asking for a rating of 2 Lightroom uses 2 stars, literally 2 stars (see attached) So how do I reference that in KM?

This is how I currently have it set up in KM but it of course does not work.

Have you tried clicking on the button to the right, just underneath the cog, that says Menu ? If Lightroom is open, it will show the menu tree for that, and all the other applications. There's a chance it's accessible from there, and it will fill in your form fields automatically upon clicking it.

Failing that, my best guess at what character they're using is this one: ★

You should be able to copy and paste that star from here into your Menu Item field. (Don't forget to change your target application from Mail to Lightroom.)

CJK, I just cut and pasted the star in and it worked perfectly, after I changed the app to Lightroom of course. :slight_smile:

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FYI, @Houston.Brown :

You find any kind of symbols in macOS’ Character Viewer (aka “Emoji & Symbols”):


Double-click a symbol to insert it into a text field of your frontmost application. (Make sure your cursor is in that text field.)

You can access the palette from the Edit menu of most applications:


…or alternatively from the Input menu (the menu where you can select the keyboard layout), if activated:


(You can activate that menu in System Prefernces > Keyboard > Input Sources.)

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