How to use "Start Hazel" as a KM trigger

Can someone suggest how to use the "start hazel" button accessed from the menu bar as a KM trigger...?
Thanks for any help.

Hi @cengel, here is a script to enable or disable Hazel 4
I'm currently using the Hazel 5 beta and it works very unreliably (therefore disabled).

But for Hazel 4 the script works reliably.

11)Start : Stop <6A4E 201111T191100>.kmmacros (40,1 KB)

11)Start : Stop <6A4E 201111T191100>

I'm also using Hazel 5 now, but what I am looking for is a way to use hazel as the KM macro trigger (as opposed to triggering hazel to turn on/off). The goal would be that when I turn hazel 5 on (preferably from the menu bar), then a KM macro would notice, and then do something else for me (e.g., shut down or start up another application).

Is there a way to do this?