How to use the "If the else" action?


Sorry to ask such a “beginner questions”, but… that’s what I am… a beginner. :slight_smile:

Spent quite some time searching the documentation/n1acro’s forum but didn’t make any progress.

I have a macro that works on an excel file.

I want to add at the beginning the option of backing up the file before starting.

So I added the “Prompt for user input” action (“Wanna bkup the file?” “Yes” “No”]

I tried to add the “If then else” action: if the “Yes” human is clicked, backup [and I copy the whole macro to the “execute the following actions”. just add the backup actions; if the “No” is clicked. I paste the whole macro without the backup actions to the “otherwise execute …”.

The button condition doesn’t have a “when the “yes/no” is clicked”.

How can I make it work?

Any help would be much appreciated.

You would use the result button variable.

Thanks thankful_dude. Appreciate your help!
Will read and go on from there.
Have a great weekend!