How to Use Typed String Trigger With Hotkey Trigger Together?

I've set a typed string "cc" to paste certain text...

and I also set "c" to a if...else condition,

The "c" worked good,but when type "cc", this did not work,is there any way to make them work together.

Nobody answered your question! Coincidentally, I'm working on this problem right now and I'm looking into it. But I'm wondering why you would want to do this. In my case, the hotkeys and typed keys are different, but why would you want the same ones to trigger the same macro? Can you give more context?

typedString doesnt have a time control, people may want intrupt a typedstring behaviour after ceratin time

The KM "typedString" feature/trigger is meant to solve a specific problem and your problem ("time control") exceeds the purpose of that feature. I think there are other utilities you can get that will solve your problem directly, but I can't tell you what they are.

Your idea of using Hotkeys to enhance "typedString" is valiant, and I applaud you, but I think you're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by doing that.


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