How to User User Prompt for a List and a Manually Typed Entry?

Howdy folks, this is probably rather simple but after searching I haven't come across anything.

I am wondering if there's a way to use a Prompt for User Input action to allow for pre-defined options as well as a manually typed entry?

As of right now the work-around I am using is as shown in the screenshot... selecting the Manual Entry option which triggers another prompt which allows for typing.

But I imagine there is an easier way (that doesn’t involve a Custom HTML prompt since I am not versed in HTML), but I haven't found or come up with anything.

Any input is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!

@cdthomer -

Check this thread. I have another macro but I’m not in my office. Hopefully, this places you on the right path.


I think the User Prompt is my favorite Action. It is so versatile.

In the thread @kcwhat pointed you to, I think the key part for your case is:

So you can have two fields in your single Prompt. One a list and one an empty field waiting for type. If the one waiting for type has something typed in it, it will not be empty. That is the If Then Else that Keyboard Maestro can act on. In other words, any typed text takes priority over the text in the drop down list.

Your two Variables in the Prompt could be, say:

local__Output Extension (drop down list)
local__Or Type Extension (blank input field)

And if “local__Or Type Extension” is not empty when you click OK, you would use a Set Variable to Text Action to set the Variable “local__Output Extension” to “local__Or Type Extension”.


Thank you @kcwhat, that did help!

Thank you too @Zabobon, that's what I ended up doing and it works splendidly.


@cdthomer - Glad we were able to point you in the correct direction and you found a quick yet suitable solution. @Zabobon and I went back and forth, with our additions on that other thread. I'm glad people here are willing to dive in.

It's definitely one of mine. I probably have at least 10-15 favorites that I can classify the same way.
This is why I laugh when people compare applications like Keysmith to Keyboard Maestro. I'm like - you're kidding right? It's like they are 20 steps below dishonest...

Anyway, different strokes for different folks I guess... :smiley:



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True. I actually get offended and take it personal when people compare KM to other apps. It's like I should really slap the person for typing or saying that... :rofl:. I can't even believe how humble and giving Peter is. He has to know he has created the baddest application south of the moon.. I probably only use 5.7% (some gurus might even say I don't use that much) of Keyboard Maestro's abilities and I have 2547 macros so go figure ...

Anyway... enough bantering from me.

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