How to view all token values?

I would like to be able to see all of the token values and their respective values to more easily understand what each of them is returning.

I've looked through the forum but can't find anything relating to this directly.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Visit the KM wiki to see all the available tokens: Tokens [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

Thanks for your quick response tiffle. I could have perhaps been clearer with my question.

I am aware of this page but it only provides information about what each token but I would like to view the actual values for all tokens for my machine in a list. For instance:

AccessedVariables: "value"
ActionResult: "value"
AddressBook: "value"...

This is something that one can see for variables for variables in within preferences, but not for the tokens.

I could create a macro that pasts all these values into a text file, but wondered whether anyone else has already done this or if there is an alternative solution.

There isn't an equivalent facility for tokens as there is for variables and I'm not aware of anyone having created a macro to list all the tokens and their values. I'm unsure of the benefit of doing this though as the value of most tokens changes from moment to moment whereas others are meaningless in the absence of a context (like %HTMLResult% for example).

You obviously have a specific purpose in mind so it could be you're the best person the create that macro :wink: although it sounds like a pretty tedious task to undertake.

I see - the thinking behind that makes sense to me so thank you for your response. It's just something to play about with to increase my understanding of the software :slight_smile:

Tedious is my middle name :smiley:

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