How would you find text in a table on a page and copy the text to the right of it?

I searched the forums and even though I found similar threats I couldn’t find exactly what I need, so figured I’d make my own post.

I have to “scrape” a bunch of dashboards every day in that I copy and paste clicks and revenue values from the previous day into a spreadsheet. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to find the previous day in a table then copy the values to the right of that date. Here’s a screencap of what the table looks like, and this is about as far as I got (that first bit with the mouse clicks is having KM select something from a dropdown, I’m sure there’s a better way to do that though!).

I’d be SO grateful if anyone had any input!

Perhaps missed out ?

The previous day can be got in the format of the page using the text token:


So with that, you can use the text of the scrape, which you already have if I read your macro correctly, and search for that to find the data for that day.

The exactly details of the search will depend on how the text of the scrape comes out. If you can post the results (the value of the Test variable, at least for the three days around the day you want), then a regex can be developed to find the desired day and its values.