How Would You Make Sure This Checkbox Is NOT Checked?

I have my macro mostly working but a new snag is I want to uncheck the checkbox shown.

So this is two problems. One is to find the current value and the second to alter it.

I know about mouse relative clicking but that is relatively fragile. But even with that, how do I know if I need to uncheck it or not. It appears as if it always comes up checked but I'd rather not depend upon that.

Is Quicken AppleScript-able?

No. The gossip is the old versions were but the new versions have no AppleScript support.

I opened Script Editor and did Open Dictionary but Quicken isn't selectable.

Hey Perry,

First thing – check to see if the Press a Button action can press the checkmark button.

I'm doubtful, but this has worked before in cases where I didn't think it would.

If that works then you’ve got the Button condition for an IF/THEN.

If that doesn't work then run this macro with the given window frontmost.

Front Window Analysis Tool Using AppleScript System Events (List UI Elements)

Post the result. Zip a text file if necessary.

This will tell us how much AppleScript UI-Scripting can see of that window.



While Quicken might not have it's own AppleScript dictionary, it's likely that it can be controlled by GUI AppleScript.

If you do what @ccstone mentioned, we should be able to give some more info on how to control it through GUI.


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Press a button and Button condition worked. I want to do the Front Window Analysis and see what it says. I may be back with more questions...

Thank you guys...


Your "Front Window Analysis Tool" is awesome!!! The output seems very understandable. I'll use it next time I get into a jam.

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