Howard Oakley Breaks Down How Keyboard Commands Work on macOS

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Quite frequently people on the forum want to know more than they really want to know about how keyboard shortcuts work on the Mac.

For them I have a Christmas present:

Howard Oakley breaks down how keyboard commands work on macOS.

An A to Z of keys and keyboards: Keyboard commands



I would be interested in an outline of where KBM interfaces with this flow because it seems as if it's capturing keystrokes at a very early stage, well before this flowchart has they keys being sent to an app.

Anyone know of any resources for that level of detail?

What we know (from repeated posts by The Architect) is that KM uses public APIs which, naturally, can be found on Apple's developer website. As far as I can tell, that documentation starts here: (but I've never been a real programmer, just a hack)

I suspect that this corresponds to the blue box in the link above.

Another thing that may be relevant is what language is used to create KM. It seems very likely that Xcode is the development platform, and (I think) that leaves four possible development languages: C, C++, Objective-C and Swift. Swift is probably out of the question because Swift came out (I think) over ten years after KM came into existence. C++ and Obj-C came out in the mid 1980s, so they are the most likely candidates. Prior to Swift in 2014, Apple was pushing Obj-C as the preferred programming language. So that's probably the one.

Anyway, consider this entire post to be speculative.

Thanks, ccstone, for the link to that website link. Although the page you refer doesn't seem vital to my needs, I do see lots of vital stuff on that website, which I will be reading avidly.

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