HowTo: Create your own Status Menu Icon


The following instructions assume that you want to make a Retina Display compatible Icon. But if you want to make a LowResolution only Icon, just skip the 32x32 Pixel Images. :smile:

Steps to follow:

  • Standard Resolution Displays need 16x16 Pixel Images
  • Retina Displays need additional 32x32 Pixel Images
  • Images need to be 72 DPI
  • Images need to be Named StatusItem. tiff, StatusItem1. tiff, StatusItem2. tiff, StatusItem3. tiff and so on…
  • Alternatively you can name them StatusItemTemplate. tiff, StatusItemTemplate1. tiff and so on…
  • If you make Retina Status Items, combined the 16x16px and 32x32px Images with with the Terminal Command: tiffutil
  • Syntax: tiffutil -cathidpicheck StatusItem.tiff StatusItem@2x.tiff -out StatusItem.tiff
  • Do this for each 16x16px and 32x32px Image Set separately
  • Place all Images in 1 Folder and name the Folder as you would like to see the Status Icon named in Keyboard Maestro.
  • Right Click the Folder in Finder and select ‘compress folder’.
  • Launch the Keyboard Maestro Editor
  • Drag and Drop the Archive onto the Keyboard Maestro Icon in your OS X Dock

Here is a quick (and dirty) graphical explanation of the above steps:

New Status Menu Icon: Cmd

You forgot to mention the last, but very important step:
Quit the KM app and the KM engine, and restart the KM app, which will start the KM engine. :smile:

OR, open the KM Preferences:

Perhaps obvious to many, but not to all.



I have just used this process to create a statusicon with at red gear, when macro is running.
As the normal icon I used StatusItem.tiff from Iconaholic (the default).
But now this does not show as inverted on a dark menubar.
The red gear shows just as red on the dark menubar and that is okay with me.
Here are the status menuicon:

Is there a way to include inversed version of the icon in the tiff, like with 16x16 and 32x32?
Or how is this accomplished?


The reversal happens if the icon is a template icon:

If the icon is a template icon (black and clear only), then add the word “Template” to the name.

So the first one should be StatusItemTemplate.tiff


Hi Peter

Thanks. Works perfectly now.