HTML code not working

I created a type text macro with HTML code that I've been using for a while. I added another code I looked up today, but I can't get it work. The addition is to make all the text smaller. No matter how I configure the code, it does work. Here's the entire text with previously entered HTML code, plus the new small code:

I think you mean:

<HR></HR><p><small>In Los Angeles, Beverly Grove near the Beverly Center - Member since 9/2013
8 tenor cutaway ukes, 4 acoustic bass ukes, 10 solid body bass ukes, 14 mini electric bass
guitars (Total: 36)
• Donate to The <B]Ukulele Kids Club</B>, they provide ukuleles to children in hospital music
therapy programs. <u><url></url></u>
• Member <B>The CC Strummers:</B> <u><url></url>
</u>, <u><url></url></u></small></p>

which renders as HTML just fine (despite some errors) when wrapped in and tags:


So apart from using square brackets, I can't duplicate your problem. If you need further help, though, you should make it a little easier by uploading the troublesome macro along with the text. I had to use Keyboard Maestro to OCR the image of your text to see what you were after.

I assume you're using brackets instead of HTML angled brackets < > because you're entering the text into a forum, BBS, or CMS rather than directly into an HTML file or HTML code editor application. (The fact that you're using B instead of STRONG reinforces my assumption.)

As far as the SMALL tag producing no effect, it's probably because the destination site's CSS doesn't isn't written to actually make text tagged as such, in fact, smaller. It's not KM. Try replacing your small tag with STRONG in KM and you'll probably see that it works.

For more information on the SMALL tag, see HTML small Tag .

I tried uploading the macro, but it activated in the post, not showing all the code, that's why I did a screen shot. I originally used chevrons, but they didn't work at all, the brackets did for all the other codes, but not the small code. I'll copy/paste your example. It does not work at all with chevrons.

Yes, exactly, in a forum post. I just read up about STRONG but that's not what I want. I have the B code doing bold, if that works, why doing the same with small does not. The Ukulele Underground forum is run by XenForo.

I know very little about HTML coding, someone else on the Ukulele Underground forum told me to use brackets instead of chevrons. I really would like to get the proper small code that will work without having to learn HTML or CSS since I only use it for this one need. Looking at HTML sites I find totally confusing, they all seem to assume that the reader already knows HTML coding.

See: How to Post/Upload our Macro to he Forum

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What does "Insert Styled Text by Pasting" do? Could that work for me?

If I were you, I'd ask the forum administrator if small is a supported tag in the forum.

What does "Insert Styled Text by Pasting" do? Could that work for me?

If the forum allows formatted text (RTF), then it might. That Keyboard Maestro action basically can take text from Microsoft Word or something else that makes Rich Text, complete with bold, italics, underline, colors, etc., and pastes it exactly with the same formatting. Whether the destination can USE that formatting depends on the forum software and how the admin has configured it.

See the Insert Text by Pasting action on the Keyboard Maestro Wiki.

I couldn't sleep tonight and got online for more research and discovered that I'm not using HTML code, I'm using BBCode, what I didn't know is HTML uses chevrons, BBCode uses brackets. I then discovered the correct code for a smaller font. So iampariah was close, but also missed that it's BBCode with the brackets.