Huge amounts of cpu power

Anyone have any ideas why KM engine is consuming 70-90% of my cpu power randomly (M1 macbook pro) I think recently i stopped syncing macros and then resyncd but im not sure if this could be the cause its been going on for hours with no end in sight? any help is appreciated

When this happens, check the KM menubar icon. If it's spinning, at least one macro is running.

yeah its has one macro been running in the backround somehow?

Click the icon and then look under the Cancel submenu to see what's currently running. Once you've identified the offending macro, investigate why it might have been running all this time. Is there a pause that was unfulfilled? If so, set its timeout to something reasonable rather than the default 99hrs.

my man thank you. Unfortuantely i didnt catch the offender as i cancelled all macros and that worked. but its weird that quitting the engine and restarting doesnt even cancel macros...guess that can be good or bad. Thanks for the heads up i should have thought about it

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