Hundreds of Macros simply disappeared: how to restore from a clone (using CCC) on a backup SSD drive?

1- how should I investigate the disappearance of macros ? as far as I understand there is no trash. I did not do anything special to explain the disappearance.
2- every night, I backup my whole primary drive to an external SSD with Carbon Copy Cloner. What would be the procedure to restore from that SSD?
thank you very much

Have you tried the KM facility to revert macros? To be found under the File menu...



Just to be sure.
Do you have anything entered in the search field?
Keyboard Maestro-Keyboard Maestro Editor — All Macros-2024-01-25 at 13.12.10@2x

This could hide some macros you believe should be visible.
I have sometimes missed I had a search running.


Good catch @JimmyHartington - it's caught me out too :grinning:


no, but it's an excellent suggestion. thank you

thanks a million
I followed your advice and reverted to the previous day, so I basically ended up using a day's work. I did not use at Editor Launch menu option because it's not clear what it means. Would you know ? KM is basically always "on" just like my computer, so I have no reason to launch.
I looked at Revert Macros in the wiki and found the information very sparse. I would like to know how often these "revert" backups happen and where the settings are to determine the frequency, etcv

You're welcome - I'm glad it worked :joy:

If you quit out of the KM Editor using Q and then restart the KM Editor, that's when KM makes note of the state of your macros to enable the "Editor Launch" option - I think. This, by the way, has nothing to do with the KM Engine - which is running all the time.

To be quite honest, I've never used any of these reversion facilities so I reckon you know more about it than I do!!


If you are using Apple Time Machine, then you can restore the folder /Users//Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/ to a convenient point in time. This saved my day already a couple of times. I had a macro running that performed some deletes in a specific file, but after an error KM was activated and the macro started deleting all my macros in stead. Took me some time to find the cause...

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thank you for your suggestion.
I dropped time machine a long time ago in favour of Carbon Copy Cloner which simply creates clones when the task is run.
Could you remind me how frequent are backups with time machine? for example of your KM macros ?

I believe it runs hourly.

After getting burnt a few times myself, I wrote MacroBackerUpper, to back up all your macros on demand (or on a schedule, if you wish). It uses a Time-Machine-like structure, with separate folders for each backup, and hard links to save disk space.


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thank you. You gave me an idea: I will run MacroBackerUpper daily with a cron trigger instead of manually.

You are right, as usual.

I've set it to once every hour.
regards, paul

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Does Time Machine also use hard links ?

Yes, even more so than my macro, because it can hard link entire directories, something that you can't do in normal use. (All the hard links in the macro are only to individual files.)


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