Hyper key combo hides Keyboard Maestro BBedit Macro

I have a BBedit Macro that uses CONTROL+OPTION+SHIFT+COMMAND+B as the short cut. I went to find it in Keyboard Maestro using the “All Macros” group and the search bar. When I found it I activated the shortcut and it did not activate but instead disappeared. I don’t know of any other macros that use CONTROL+OPTION+SHIFT+COMMAND+B so I am wondering how I could find them or find a macro that’s using the same shortcut. Any ideas?

I don’t understand this. How did you activate a shortcut?

You can use the search field with the trigger keyword (“t:”):


Copy it from above. This will find all macros with that hotkey trigger “⌃⌥⇧⌘B”. It seems the order of the modifier key symbols does not matter.

In the KM Editor, press F to engage the Find All Macros tool.
This should put your cursor in the Search Box.
Now type:

This will search for ALL Macros in ALL Groups that use that hotkey trigger.

You can also type:
n:<any characters in the macro name>
like: n:bbedit
to find all Macros that contain those character in the Macro Name.

I did a find for BBedit while in the Keyboard Maestro Editor. After finding it I used COMMAND+SHIFT+OPTION+CONTROL+B (e.g. ⌘⇧⌥⌃B) while I was in the Keyboard Maestro Editor. Then it disappeared.

What did the macro do when you triggered it? What actions does it have? If you activated it in the Keyboard Maestro editor, perhaps it deleted the macro, or otherwise did something unexpected.

Hey John,

One thing I’ve done that has SPOOKED me a few times is to accidentally set the sort in the Keyboard Maestro Editor to “Date Used” (or forgotten to change it back to “Name” sort after legitimately using “Date Used”).

Then when I activated the macro it went POOF! And scared the crap out of me.

Thankfully it was just resorted to the top in the list.

Just a thought.


I did a revert to the library back to it’s state at launch and got it back. Still not sure why it disappeared but I won’t to that again. :slight_smile:

Peter it didn’t do anything. It’s supposed to copy the text in a window and paste it into BBedit. I’ll have to dig in and see if the macro is setup to cut the text. [COMMAND+X] Perhaps that’s the cause?

If you do a Command-X with a macro selected, it would definitely cut (copy & delete) the macro.

ah perhaps that’s what I did. The shortcut is actually [HyperKey]+B

It’s not a cheap solution, but I have found KeyCue from Ergonis Software (ergonis.com) to be invaluable in preventing keyboard shortcut conflicts. Before I select a KM hot key, I use KeyCue to be sure that the key combo is not already in use.

Gerrie, Somehow I missed your comment. I have KeyCue. So are you just holding the trigger modifier key and looking in the list that KeyCue pops up?

@Tunes, not quite sure what trigger modifier means, but I've configured 2 presses of the Cmd key to display all 3 of menu shortcuts, system-wide shortcuts and macro hotkeys then, yes, look at that for unused key combinations.

It's not the perfect solution, since you only see what's being used by the current application. That works well almost all the time for me, because most of my macros are application-specific. Looking for system-wide or multi-application conflicts is more work. I haven't looked for a programmatic method of collecting the multi-application information because I don't need it that badly.

Also, if you're not aware, once you have the list of active shortcut/hotkey combinations displayed, you can hold down any combination of modifier keys to highlight all of the items that use that set of modifiers.

Trigger Modifier Key = Trigger, the thing that triggers the action, in your case, it's two presses, Modifier key, in your case, it's the CMD key.

I like that you've set it up for 2 presses of the key. Didn't know I could do that with KeyCue. I will have to investigate. It's always triggering when I don't want it to and lazy me has just never gone to look at other options. I just moved it to a less used modifier key.