Hyperduck: an alternative to remote triggers

I recently discovered the app Hyperduck, which does one thing and does it well: it lets you share a link to the iOS version of the app, and the next time you open your Mac, the link will open there (if it hasn't already opened in the background). (Naturally, it has to be installed on both devices.) It sends the data through iCloud, so it works if either device is offline at the time the link is shared — they just need to sync with iCloud at some point for the link to make it from phone to computer.

In addition to being useful for “read it later” workflows (you don't need to open a “read later” list, because the links you shared will already be open in your browser when you return to your computer), this app is a great replacement for Keyboard Maestro’s remote trigger! You can share a URL of the form kmtrigger://macro=uuid&value=whatever with Hyperduck, and it'll open the next time your Mac syncs with iCloud. Some advantages of Hyperduck compared to the Remote trigger:

  • Your iPhone doesn't need to be online when the link is shared. iOS will store Hyperduck’s data and upload it to iCloud the next time it's online.
  • Your computer doesn't need to be online when the link is shared. The link will sit in iCloud until the Mac syncs with iCloud.
  • There is no risk of opening your computer to the world, accidentally sharing your UUID, or having UUIDs clash (small as that risk is). The data only lives in your iCloud account.

The only disadvantage I've seen is that iCloud is far slower to sync than the Keyboard Maestro remote server. The remote server operates in under a second, whereas iCloud can take 10ish seconds. For non-time-sensitive workflows, this is well worth it, though.

I'm also not sure how well it'd work if you have multiple Macs, since they'd all have the same iCloud account.

Hyperduck has a Shortcuts action, so you can use this method to automate running of macros on your Mac from your phone without relying on the remote trigger.