Hyperkey troubles

I'm trying to use a Hyperkey combo to open a url but KM won't accept my trigger.
I am successfully using the Hyperkey for lots of other shortcuts.
I want to use Hyerkey-/ to open an advanced Goggle search. I have looked through all my system prefs and all my menu bar apps but nothing shows up in either of them.
Something is stopping that key combination and I have no idea as to what it might be.

That's a system shortcut that generates a system report in /private/var/tmp, so I'm guessing Keyboard Maestro can't intercept it and that's why you're not able to assign it.

Wow! Thanks for the explanation.

Where can I see that documented?

I don't know where it's documented. Honestly, I figured it out just now. I've run into the diagnostic output because my cat has a tendency to hit the necessary five keys on the right side of the full-size external keyboard when lying in front of me. They are clustered in that space. I didn't know what keys the cat was invoking, though, until I tried testing because of your question.

You should teach your cat some useful shortcuts!