I can't take a screenshot of the front window in Chrome 69 anymore

I have a simple macro to take a screenshot of the front window in Google Chrome, crop and resize the image then save it as PNG in the "Downloads" folder:

I use this macro for months without any problem. But it appears that since the last Chrome update (69) it does not work anymore. The action "Screen Capture Front Window" fails to execute properly.

Here is the log:

2018-09-11 10:16:19 Execute macro “Screenshot to Downloads Folder” from trigger The Hot Key ⌥⌘F1 is pressed
2018-09-11 10:16:19 Screen Capture failed to capture screen with error Screen capture failed to create image
2018-09-11 10:16:19 Screen Capture failed to capture screen with error Screen capture failed to create image In macro “Screenshot to Downloads Folder” (while executing Screen Capture Front Window).

I tested the same macro with other applications without any problem.

macOS: 10.13.6
Keyboard Maestro: 8.2.4
Google Chrome: Version 69.0.3497.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

P.-S. - As suggested here, I already "Allow JavaScript from Apple Events" in the View > Developer menu. Without any success.

Hey Cary,

I'm seeing the same issue with the next version of Chrome:

macOS			 : 10.12.6
Keyboard Maestro : 8.2.4
Google Chrome	 : 69.0.3497.92 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It would appear that Google has completely screwed up window and tab ID numbers in the newest incarnation, and this is causing Keyboard Maestro's capture-front-window action to choke.

There is a workaround available.

Download ⇢ Chrome -- Take ScreenShot of Front Window to Clipboard.kmmacros (6.0 KB)


The current beta build of Chrome, Version 69.0.3497.92 (Official Build) beta (64-bit), also seems to fix this, at least in regards to window numbers. In my tests, the "Screen Capture" action also failed with the official version of Chrome, but did work with the beta.

Hey Gabe,

Window and Tab IDs are still completely screwed with v69.0.3497.92 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) on my macOS 10.12.6 system, and the Screen Capture (front window) action fails.

Odd that we're getting different results...

What version of macOS are you running?


Hey Chris,

I'm on the the most current official version, High Sierra 10.13.6, and I guess that does make a difference, because even though the various window and tab IDs are still screwed up in this version of Chrome, the window index is at least correct, which is evidently enough to let the "Screen Capture (front window)" action run successfully.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the workaround. I will use it instead of downloading the beta build of Chrome. I'd rather wait for a complete fix.

This should be worked around for the next version of Keyboard Maestro (or resolved anytime the lunatics who caused Google Chrome to add “ - Google Chrome” to the end of every window’s accessibility title revert their ridiculous change).