I just lost a dozen macros because I turned on a computer I hadn't used in awhile and KM overwrote the sync file with the old macros

Is there any way to recover the lost macros? I don't have a recent enough backup. I had optimistically hoped that KM would keep a few backups in its icloud folder for exactly these situations but to no avail. Suggestions?

Hey there, that’s quite frustrating. A search of the forum will provide you quite a few topics that cover this. :wink:


Sorry for the loss, and good luck with the recovery‚ÄĒChris' post links to some very useful tips, a couple of which I have used in the past to recover from just this situation.

Going forward, you might want to try my MacroBackerUpper macro, which I wrote as a result of having to go through this recovery one too many times :).

MacroBackerUpper creates a Time-Machine-like set of backups of your macros, making it easy to recover any number of macros from any number of points in time.



Keyboard Maestro does keep a running local backup of your Macro Library. On the Mac that had the last good version I think I would temporarily disable syncing before trying this.


Oh, brilliant. Let me try that. Thank you

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It worked!

I am thinking of adding a Hazel script to make daily backups of the sync file on iCloud as a double-backup. I would have lost days of work if it weren't for that awesome File‚ÜíRevert Macros command


Upvote for Hazel, I couldn‚Äėt live without it these days.

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I personally put my KM Sync file in Dropbox, it has better file versioning than iCloud, while still syncing across machines.

I fear with so much cloud storage folks are getting blasé about rigorous backups.
PSA: Use Time Machine (or any other backup method you might prefer)

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