I’m getting a conflict palette. No idea why. Driving me nuts

KM palettes are baffling to me.

I’ve created a palette that displays when Numbers.app is active. Its action is to “Show Palette of Macros”, which are in the Macro Group that I’ve named “Numbers actions”.

When I switch to Numbers, though, I get the Conflict Palette (as identified by its theme and lack of visible triggers on its right side).

The 3 active Macros in my “Numbers actions” Macro Group are displayed on this palette. My understanding is that this palette only shows when two or more Macros share a trigger, but none of these Macros share a trigger:

  • one is triggered at Login or daily via cron entry
  • two are triggered by unique, three-letter, uppercase strings, which the KM-wide search field tells me are unique to each of them

So why am I getting the Conflict Palette instead of a default palette?

Hi Christopher,

It seems also the normal group palette doesn’t show the triggers by default. (You can set this by clicking the palette icon in the group settings.)

Since you haven’t uploaded your macros, I tried to rebuild your case according to your description:

This is the macro group setup. In the left column the three contained macros. Please check if this corresponds to your setup.

What I get when Numbers becomes frontmost, is this palette:


This is not the Conflict palette.


This works perfectly! :sunglasses::+1:

This leaves out the creation of a separate action to create the palette — which is, I think, where I was getting confused.

I’ll get my head around this yet. :wink: Thanks for your help.