I Need Help Restricting When Alfred Is Available

I made a macro that restricts the app with other apps on Alfred.

It seems that it works smoothly. But there is one problem. Occasionally, it focuses on Finder without my permission.

It also sometimes focus on other apps. Perhaps the problem will be solved if you exclude the Finder Trigger in the macro. But I want to put Finder in this macro. Because I have to click every time, after canceling the Alfred restriction.

In other words, I want you to automatically release the macro when you focus on Finder.

Monterey 12.6.2
KM Ver 10.2


If I understand correctly, you're trying to quit or launch Alfred when certain apps activate. What is the purpose of this? Is there a reason you're using AppleScript rather than using Keyboard Maestro's quit/activate actions?

I think you're going about this the wrong way...

Don't quit and restart Alfred.

Turn OFF Alfred's hotkey trigger, and use Keyboard Maestro to activate it. Then you have all kinds of options for restricting when Alfred runs.

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I'm really sorry, Honestly I was thinking about it without any knowledge :sweat_smile:
However, I am impressed by your wonderful advice. Thank you very much!

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Everything I said to @noisneil is true. No excuses. And I appreciate your great solution.
However, I had to stop Alfred perfectly because I used Photoshop at work.
I liked this and used it because all the other disturbing hot keys were invalidated.