I Need Vault to Keep My Phone Numbers


I hope you can help me, and please be open minded about my request.

I need a vault to keep my phone numbers from myself.

Like to open the Vault I will need to solve some math problem that takes some time.

I need to keep phone number in the Vault
Of my ex-girlfriends that I keep calling,
and begging them to come back to me.
I hurt myself by doing that.

I keep doing that with friends also.

I don’t want to delete their phone numbers,
because after a week or so
I don’t angry about them
And just want to call them that I am relaxing.

I have problem with self control,
so I need a tool like I describe.
It will help me a lot.

Even my psychiatrist
advises me to use
such a tool.


Hey Guy,

There's no way to do this using Keyboard Maestro without pouring a lot of work into it, and any way you look at it KM is not the best tool for the job.

Did your psychiatrist have any suggestions for existing software?

Do you have a support group that might be able to offer suggestions?

Personally I've never seen such a thing, and I wasn't able to find anything in a reasonable time searching Google.