I sometimes wish for an "else if"

Adding to the increasingly long list of enhancement requests, it would be nice if the “if then” action had an “else if” option along with the “otherwise”. Just to limit nesting, when there’s a lot of different conditions involved.

Seriously, KM is so incredibly awesome, I’m awed many times a day at what it can do, and how well it’s designed (in my opinion). So obviously I could live without this one. :stuck_out_tongue: But sometimes, just the fact I asked is enough to get it off my mind.

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I also dislike the clutter of nested IF statements. Very hard to follow. As a result, I tend to create multiple IF statements with no ELSE filled in at all, structured in such a way that only one ever succeeds (or, in some cases, the macro cancels on the ELSE). Just makes the macro more “readable.” Somewhat more prone to error, though, since poorly created case criteria can result in multiple IF statements evaluating true.

Right there with you. I do the same thing.

Hey Dan,

You’ve tried out the Switch or Case action?


Definitely. But it’s only for testing one variable in multiple ways. Useful for sure, but not the same.