I try to make widget to show me if i use non English

i try to make widget to show me if i use non English
keyboard layout

i want to show me icon when i use
English keyboard layout

and when i do not use the English keyboard layout
it will not show anything

Hi there! If I'm understanding you right this can generally be accomplished right from macOS settings.

From the keyboard settings, select input sources and check the box "Show Input menu in menu bar".

This will make it appear like so, indicating which language your keyboard is currently set to.

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 16.55.02

My apologies if that's not what you're referring to, and let us know if it's not so we can maybe help further.

thank you

but i need to see that please
on the touch bar

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Gotcha, I didn't see anything about the Touch Bar so wasn’t aware that's where you wanted it.

I don't have a MacBook with the Touch Bar so I won't be of much help here, but I'm sure others will chime in shortly with some suggestions.