I use two imput language in my mac

i use two imput language in my mac
english and espniol in the imput keybord
how can i put one keybord shortcut to espniol in the imput keybord
and how can i put diffrent keybord shortcut to english in the imput keybord

I’m not aware of different input languages on the Mac. (At least with “western” languages.) If you type enough text into a text field, for example in Mail, the program should become aware of whether it is French or Spanish and adapt the Spelling check.

Mixing several languages can still be a problem though.

You can set the shortcut for switching the keyboard layout in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Input Sources:

For this to work you have to set up the desired keyboard layouts in System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources:

You can add/remove keyboard layouts with the +/− button.

but i need in your example in the input source
shortcut for the us keyboard shortcut
and a different keyboard shortcut to mac to choose a german keyboard

You can do that with KM:

i dont find the “select keyboard layout”


please can you tell me step by step how i doing this like in your image

Have you already visited the Tutorial? It’s in KM Editor’s Help menu:

Please run the tutorial, if not already done. You find also lots of useful information in the KM Wiki and the user manual (both also accessible through the Help menu).

The particular action you are looking for is called “Set Keyboard Layout”. It’s in the System Control action group:

You can also find actions by opening the search box with ⌃⌘A and then typing in the name of the action.