I wanna know how to use the "pause Until Menu Item"

Basically what I want to do is to tell keyboard maestro to pause until certain menu condition, but I don't know how to use it correctly yet, for example with the app Cubase has a the menu "File/Save As/Template", so what I want is that keyboard maestro pause until this menu "File/Save As/Template" is enable and then select it.

Another example is with Quicktime player, when I open a video and I want to convert it to another resolution, sometimes the menu "File/Export As/480..." is not aways enable, this depends on how heavy the video is, so I would like to tell keyborad maestro to pause until is enable and then use it.

Thank you very much and I appreciate any help. I dont know if the examples are clear, anyway! thanks!

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I don't have "Cubase" so I made an example with Safari, looking for the "Find Next" command

Does that help?

Note that you can get the exact menu title / submenu / menu items by clicking on the “Menu” dropdown in the “Select” step (step #2 in my example) and then “drill down” as shown here:

Once you do that, Keyboard Maestro will fill in the fields (Menu Title / Submenu / Menu Item) for you.

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Thank you so much! Now when I see it it seems simple!

You're welcome!

I have had the same experience: when you see how something can be used, it seems obvious, but before that, it can be very confusing.

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Me too. Some people, like myself, learn much better from examples.