I Want Get the File Creation Date, But I Can't Understand the Number of the Result


I want get the file creation date, but I can't understand the number of the result.

Here is the macro and the result:

The file creation date is 01.11.2022, what's the logic of the number:1667242231


"01.11.2022" is a string which is legible (in context) but not computable.

The underlying representation (translatable to a variety of formatted strings, for particular regions and time-zones) is a number of seconds since the start of Jan 1 1970 GMT ( variously known as Epoch Time, Unix Time, etc – see Unix time - Wikipedia)

See also:

@som - Is this what you are looking for?

Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 10.28.58 AM


If so, here is the action:

file date action.kmactions
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If not, disregard. :slight_smile:


Thanks – yes this is what I'm looking for.