I Want/Need to Change Screen Resolution 1 Step Up or Down (Failing Eyes)

I have a Apple MacMini M1 running MacOS 13.0 and an LG HDR 4K monitor.

All is fine... yet some days my eyes prefer the 2560x1440 look, rather than the 'normal' 3840x2160.

I may change this in system settings with a few clicks, but just wonders if there could be a solution based on "shortcut keys" rather than mouse clicks? I have some doubt that a pixel based macro would work both ways.

So what I envision is a macro that toggles screen size when invoked.

Think "Ballpoint pen"

I think the quickest solution would be to use a dedicated resolution app such as qucikres

Which support keyboard shortcuts

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Good input
I found another solution which also accept shortcut key-combo for up or down sizing screen Res:

Skærmbillede 2022-11-10 kl. 09.50.35

And just for fun I made 2 tiny macro's, one that steps 4 times down, and the other 4 times up


Hi GreyT,

And where ist this just for fun macro?


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I could upload it but I find it too simple just for that forum so here is a screenshot of one :innocent: that will take 4 steps down in the screenresolution ladder (which are available in my case, the other macro steps up):

Skærmbillede 2022-11-10 kl. 15.29.32

I have even more simple macros in my list. That is why I love KM so much, because it allows also this kind of solutions for the daily «problems» of the simple minds :slight_smile:

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Simple is good! Here's shorter, though you might argue that "Repeat" is more complicated than putting the action in the macro four times...

Point taken, and I have used that option in a single macro, where the number of repetitions will differ for each situation, (which calls for an included stop and a 'number' input), but here I reached my goal: getting the most direct path to desired action, and that is ONE hotkey pressed.

Compared to pressing 4 keys simultaneously FOUR times AND checking the message on screen about resolution size... :eyes:

AND the most fun comes from KNOWING of all the umpteen possibilities of KBM


I'm on Ventura and this key combo doesn't switch resolutions. My old eyes can't handle a few programs that have no font scaling options and I need a fast way to get larger text for these couple of apps and snap back to default.

The keycombo needs you to have the small feature installed, I mentioned before. But if you dont want the small macro you can just use the shortcut keys for the app.

Thanks Greyt. I realized I had another app that did this so now just coming up with a way to have a key command for big text, one for more space and one for default. The app I have is QuickRes and they have profiles so trying to see if I can trigger the profiles rather than ticking up and/or down x amount of times (may default to this if I can't figure out how to select the profiles)

Using your feature/app, have you considered a way to go directly to one resolution or the other if you had 3 choices? With 2, I can see how to do this easily but wondering how I can teach Keyboard Maestro to choose the exact resolution I want no matter which of the 3 I'm in (Default, Big Text, Big Space)?

Not really, I knew of the 2 resolutions that fits my eyesight,(I'm 78). In Ventura those two are next to each other. The app I use offered more, in-betweens, but I am not interested in those, so I made the macro to step 4 time, because that would get me where I wanted.

It’s a option to create one macro for each and then one maybe that goes ‘to the top’… to kind of reset position…or you may have one that rotates through the desired states… many options

Tried the zoom?


I have just posted an alternative solution to changing screen resolution.

I have a similar situation with my eyesight. I have over time created a bunch of usefull macros, but instead of rewriting/adjust them to versions for the "larger text" I am using the "EyeFriendly.app" to change resolutions. EyeFriendly have some simple shortcut keys for these changes. Those keys I have put into two very simple macros that will be called prior/after running the bigger macros. It works fine for me.
I attach screenshots of both
Mac Studio, MacOS 14.4.1 LG HDR 4K