I Want to Activate Google Drive With a Keyboard Maestro Macro


We have just introduced KM.

In the attached image, I want GoogleDrive to activate when I login, but GoogleDrive does not start.

Dropbox activates with the same content.

Can't Google Drive be launched from KM?

Keyboard Maestro 10.0.2
MacOS 10.15.7
Google Drive

Sorry, this is a machine translation, so the English is not correct.

I've never used DropBox or Google Drive, but I still want to try to help. If I'm wrong, someone else here can help us figure it out.

I watched a video about Google Drive on Youtube, and it seems to me that Google Drive is meant to be accessed in a web page, not via the MacOS app, which is apparently an app with no user interface. In that case what you should be doing is launching the Google Drive website, not the Google Drive app.

It goes without saying that I could be wrong, but maybe what you want to do is launch the website, not the app, with a KM action that looks more like this:


By the way, your English in this post is very good.

Thanks for the reply.

But what I want to do this time is to activate the Google Drive.app.

It's an app for syncing my local drive with my cloud drive.

Are you willing to upload a screenshot of the window that you want to see activated? That way I can be sure what you are talking about. Or you can just wait until someone who has Google Drive arrives to help you. It's your choice. I'm just trying to help, and I'm sorry if my advice is wrong.

Thank you.
I'll wait a bit.

I figure it out. Do not use "Activate a Specific Application". Instead, use "Open file, Folder or Application" in the File category. Once added, choose the Google Drive application from your finder, and then be sure to also choose "with finder".


That's interesting. I have used Activate Specific Application all the time, even when the application isn't running. I didn't know there was a difference.

I have a theory, however. The name you were using may have been the installation app rather than the app in the Applications Folder. That could explain the issue. I've seen this happen before. To prove my point, you may be able to switch back to the Activate a Specific Application now, and it may magically start to work. Just a theory, however.

I just used the Users & Groups → Login Items preference pane to add the Google Drive app. Seems to work fine.

We've seen occasional problems with the Activate Specific Application action in a few apps over the years.

When that happens the app developer has often done something sloppy.

Ok. But I think I've seen a case where the KM action was recognizing an installation app, which may or may not have the same name as the final installed app, just a different path.

Stranger things have happened...


Thank you all.
Now I can start GoogleDrive with a delay on login.

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