I want to be able to switch my menu bar between screens with KM

Is it possible to switch my menu bar between my two screens with KM.

Mac OS X 10.14.6

Yes. Use the Move or Click Mouse action to click on a window or the desktop of the target screen.

I'm talking about the OS menu bar. To change the OS menu bar you have to go into System Preferences>Displays>Arrange and physically drag the menu bar across to a different screen.

You must have an old macOS. At least since Sierra the menu bar shows on all screens, and becomes active on whichever screen has focus (active window or desktop).

What macOS and KM versions are you running?

OS X displays a menu on both monitors only if you have Mission Control set to 'Displays have separate spaces'. All the way up through Mojave.

I need to operate with that option 'off' because I use a three pro apps that use two monitors and I need both monitors to change spaces together. As most people in audio or picture post-production.

Would love it if there were a simple solution other than having KM step through all the steps.

Is System Preferences scriptable?

OK then, but doesn't clicking on a Window or the Desktop of another monitor cause the Apple Menu bar to move to that monitor?

If not, then sorry, but I'm out of ideas, unless you can work with changing the Mission Control setting.

No. Doesn't work that way.